Friday, June 22, 2012

Helens Mirren

Helen Mirren is an accomplished British actress (of Russian ancestry) with a pretty impressive resume. She has played sexy young women, middle aged, attractive & sophisticated women (Prime Suspect era), and now she plays older, wiser and still sexy women. She is head and shoulders above many of her peers. Maybe the secret is that she is a naturally beautiful woman who aged remarkably. She might not have been A number 1 at age 25 (she was striking), but she has aged far more gracefully than her acting competition, and whatever work she has had done, has been amazing. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. She has most likely had work done, but still looks herself and isn't hiding how old she is. She does not look like a hat rack or bean pole, and she has hips. She turns sixty five later this month; see below and remember 65.

The cast (L-R): Sam Riley, Helen Mirren, Andrea Riseborough and John Hurt

Stellar support: The film also features performances from Helen Mirren and John Hurt

The 1947 original: Richard Attenborough as Pinkie and Carol Marsh as Rose

All-star cast: Sam and Andrea are among the famous faces in the new version of Brighton Rock

Mods and Rockers: The new version of the film, based on Graham Greene's novel, updates the action to 1964

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Helens Mirren