Friday, June 22, 2012

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Dame Helen Mirren

Our beloved -- some might say our idol -- Dame Helen Mirren, has just, yes only hours ago, been named "The Body" in a poll taken by the LA Fitness Gym chain.

Some 2000 people (members?) were asked who in the world has the world's best body. And Helen won!

Elle MacPherson, a mere 48-year-old and also (or formerly?) known as "The Body," trailed waaaay behind Dame Helen with a middling 10 percent of the vote.

Helen, born July 26, 1945 (happy birthday, dear, btw) garnered 17.6 percent of the votes.

Kelly Brook, Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Crow were respectively in third, fourth and fifth place.

Solely for FYI purposes, Pippa Middleton was in eighth position and Kate Winslet, ninth.

I say, let's look at the best and forget the rest.

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