Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Is Katherine Heigl trying to look like Helen Mirren?

Let me first unequivocally state that I think all women want to look like Helen Mirren when they grow up. The woman is 67, and has somehow done the near impossible, and aged like a fine wine. She is impeccably stylish, yet age-appropriate, she's had little or no surgery and is still a sex-bomb.

Then you have Katherine Heigl. Yes, she's a mommy. And some may think her perpetual styling as a '40s Hollywood starlet is some kind of homage to Marilyn Monroe - I don't think it is. Behold! The evidence!

Heigl is 33. THIRTY THREE. She can still pull off long hair, edgy outfits and a bit of trendy style. Frankly, her attempts at that ageless Glamour don't work. ScarJo works it, Evan Rachel Wood works it, Rachel McAdams (sometimes) works it. Katherine, I'm sorry to say, just ages herself by another 33 years.

Now, this is a woman who is a stunner. She's hot. She doesn't need to look 67, even though it appears she is emulating the hottest 67 year old out there.

I realise these three pics are terribly typical "sex-kitten" poses. That were probably taken when she was in her twenties. But her attempt at a more 'mature' style is putting YEARS on the girl.

But hey, who doesn't love Helen Mirren?

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